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oh my gosh

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opus 13 replied to your post: Hey Saboten Peeps!

Ah~! So wish that I could have been there. I always enjoyed Saboten! I need to go to more conventions. ; _ ;

AHH! You really should!!! They’re moving Sabo next year. It will be in Phoenix at a smaller venue. 

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Hey Saboten Peeps! 

I’ll be posting pics once I’m home but in the meantime! 

You’re welcome to follow me here or I’d really appreciate you checking out my cosplay blog! Cosplay By Tape. (Tape being me and not actual adhesive. ;D) 

Feel free to drop me a note if we talked or if you’d like to do so! I don’t bite…unless you ask politely. 

(I was Armin Arlert (I had 3DMG and was in 3 SNK ask panels), Nezumi from No. 6, and L on Friday.) 

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The Saboten Con cosplayers are getting more and more impressive by the year. I can’t believe how talented these individuals are!! And they were all super sweet like omg ;w;

If you see yourself, you know what to do :3c

PFffft. NOooo, you’re a sweet angel! (Hello new friend, I am Nezumi :33)

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Sunday Saboten Con was a lot of fun.
I was the only Uta and only two people recognised me.
There were two Shuu’s and a Kaneki (seen with her antisocial Shuu partner.)

I got a lot of merchandise which will be in the next post.
It’s a lot of fun and I met Ian Sinclair on the way to get an autograph from him for a friend.
(I was really just tagging along but hey! He plays Dandy!)

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it me
I’ll post more pictures later on my regular blog


it me

I’ll post more pictures later on my regular blog

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Some great cosplays! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged

Cyrus miseryinmybones and Reese bum-bum-rapido

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Great snk cosplays

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Saboten Con 2014 - Saturday

***If you see yourself in any of these photos, please message me and I will credit you.

|| Titan Eren and Annie || MAYU (V3) || Maid Koujaku, Rhyme Ren, and Koujaku || Usagimodoki and Clara (DMMD) || Seiko Shinohara (Corpse Party) || Clear and Koujaku || SNK Group ||

Ewrin Smith: perfectblondhair
Armin Arlert: thehairyhooligan

OH, HEY THERE. Fantastic pictures! =D

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do you ever “accidentally” lay down in your bed when you are tired, but you have to do things, and find yourself trapped in the everlasting comfortableness of your bed.



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劇場版 ベルセルク 黄金時代篇III 降臨 特別版 Berserk The Golden Age Arc III 

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make me choose // shibui-tsuki askedRin Okumura or Yato 

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also i hate being one of the only two people on the internet who doesn’t cream themselves for Hotcup and is in fact still confused why he has an animu final fantasy hairstyle

people keep looking at my art and going OMG I LOVE ADULT HICCUP

and i’m just

…I don’t? Not exceptionally? Sorry?

It’s grooooss and I’ll never understand. nEVER. Not your art. Your art is great. Just…eurgh. His entire change in design. Fail.

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So, I’m cosplaying L today. Idk why. I just like the little bugger. But anyway, I bought a pound of lollipops. Come find me. >3

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I want it to be time for con already. It’s just a few hours away but I need to not be here right now. 

I accidentally broke my sister’s closet…I pushed some of the clothes away to hang up my garment bag and it just…broke and everything fell and I know my mom is going to yell in the morning and I’m already anticipating it and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She’s going to tell me not to go to con again. o___o but I’m going. Oh, yes. bUT the point is, I don’t want her to yell at me. aHAHAHAH. I’m 5.